Where it all started

Buffalo Range was founded on January 4, 1970 by Elsbeth Fullmer. In 1988, Elsbeth stepped down and turned the range over to the her daughter, Evelyn Muffler. Being a family based business, Elsbeth and Evelyn took extreme pride in the range. Their goal has always been to share their family values by making it a family friendly environment.

Buffalo Range Today

At Buffalo Range, we strive to provide a SAFE environment first and foremost. This is directly reflected through our customer base and its continuous support of the premier shooting range in Illinois. Our belief is Buffalo Range is where families make memories.

In 2016, Evelyn took on Brooks Rees as her business partner. Together, with a bold plan for the future of the range, they look to make Buffalo Range the premier outdoor range in the Midwest. Investing in all aspects of the range, they look forward to bringing new and exciting opportunities for shooters. 

Our focus on safety and customer service makes Buffalo Range a top destination for shooters from all over. As we continue to grow, we look forward to helping new shooters enter the sport and continuing to give our loyal customers a great place enjoy. 



The vision of Buffalo Range Shooting Park is to provide a family friendly environment to encourage the safe handling and use of firearms and promote recreational shooting sports. Buffalo Range is a family owned range, which is open to the public.

Buffalo Range Shooting Park provides various activities to a wide range of shooters including:

  • 100 yard Rifle Range
  • 50 yard Rifle Range
  • 25 yard Rifle Range
  • 5/7/10/15 yard Pistol Range
  • Trap Range
  • The Pit
  • Double Deuce 22LR Range