In order to make your visit to Buffalo Range Shooting Park as enjoyable as possible, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question that is not answered below, don’t hesitate to call or email. We look forward to seeing you at the range.

Can I bring a guest who does not have a FOID (firearm owner identification) card?

Yes. One FOID card holder can sign for two Illinois residents, as long as the residents ability to acquire a FOID has not been denied or revoked.

If I am an out of state resident, can i shoot at your range?

Yes, any out of state resident can shoot at Buffalo Range with a proper state ID or passport.

What is the minimum age for children to shoot at your range?

There is no minimum age requirement to shoot at our range. We encourage shooters of all ages.  We do, however, require that it is done safely and under the supervision of the parents or guardian. At any time we feel that it is not being done safely, we will ask you to stop.

Can I bring my own gun, ammo, targets etc.?

Yes, we also have a full line of rental firearms, ammunition, targets, clays and accessories available?

Can I take photos and video at your range?

Yes. You can take photos and video at the range, however safe muzzle direction must be maintained at all times. Eye and ear protection must be worn. If you would like a group photo that involves firearms, you must ask a RSO(range safety officer) before doing so.

Can I bring food and grills to the range?

Yes. You can bring food, coolers, grills and tents to Buffalo Range. You may grill in any of the ares off the firing line. You can use tents for shade while eating or while shooting at the Pit. We also offer food, drinks and snacks on-site. However, alcohol is not permitted on Buffalo Range property.

Can I shoot steel and aluminum cased ammo at your range?

Yes. You can shoot steel and aluminum cased ammo. You can also shoot green tip ammo.

Can I shoot my .50 BMG at your range?

No. Unfortunately, the State of Illinois will not allow .50 BMG to be shot at our range. Per the National Firearm Act, any bullet size over .50 inches is considered a destructive device or a military weapon. Since the 50 BMG is actually .510 inches, it is above the threshold to be considered a sporting rifle. However, black powder guns are exempt under this law.